My Mental/Physical Health Can Be Measured By Looking in My Sock Drawer

Most of us have a sock drawer or a place that our socks live. And no, I don’t mean the missing wonderland where the gremlins take our socks secretly from the dryer and mercilessly hide them from us – forever.

Let’s gather for a deep collective sigh for the 100’s of sad lonely single socks without their partners…. I digress….

The place our socks live is the place we store them after we fold them, stack them, roll them or tie them into pairs until the next time out feet get cold or we are ready to bounce out of the house into the real world. For me, it is a large deep drawer in an antique wood dresser that sings to me it’s age every time I open and shut it.

It’s endearing depending on the mood.

Yesterday I noticed that the drawer was empty and the only thing left was the 2 pairs of socks that were rough and uncomfortable and yet for some ungodly reason I have held onto them like heirlooms. Hesitantly and out of desperation, I picked up a pair, put one on my foot and immediately took it right back off knowing exactly what I did before I even put it on. They were uncomfortable and I should get just rid of them, but I had no clean “normal socks”.

The 31 pairs of normal socks I own, styled and colored like the 31-Flavors of BaskinRobins were all dirty and piled in a basket because my energy level to do laundry was nonexistent. We all have those days, weeks or even years when doing the most average human task is almost impossible. It could be a result of sickness, stress or just endless hours of living in a human body day after day that takes us down. Being human is not for the faint of heart. My sock drawer tells me when I am having one of the moments. A moment when I am down.

I am back on track now. But it’s okay to get off track. wink

The fog lifts and my body and/or mind feel better. I acquire the motivation and strength to do my laundry. And even put it away. Shocking? My sock drawer is full to the brim with clean soft comfortable socks and the scratchy uncomfortable socks get pushed back until out next go around.

Why do I keep the scratchy uncomfortably terrible socks?

Perhaps things like that are the markers or the siren songs to remind us that our wellbeing is suffering and it is time to refill our drawers with soft and comfortable socks just like refueling ourselves with soft and loving feelings and experiences.

It’s time to be present.
Be well.

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