The origin of think and destroy podcast is based on how communication could be done to connect to others out there outside social media and our current vicinity in real life.

In recent times for both of us, a more concrete and clear vision of what we could share with others based on our deep belief and passion for personal development. I must add that this venture is also an experiment of self. Not only is there a gateway to explore and share the philosophies and studies of self-development, but it is an opportunity to continue self-discovery and awareness. To be a walking, talking work in progress, as well as encapsulate vulnerability and transparency with one another as your hosts and to you; the audience. With the world around us in constant flux and at a speed where information is on course to our ancient brains much faster than we can process or retain, there lies the inordinate questions of what makes us who we truly are and who we can truly become.

In essence, this project is brought forth with humble and wide-eyed intentions. To have the opportunity to question, discover and dive into the human mind to manifest the very best within us, to rise up for the greater good internal and external.



M. de Vena is an autodidactic illustrator and designer with his focus being on traditional pen and ink illustration. The drawings are infused with mythology, divination, cultural anthropology, gender identity, and nature. Marrying a layered symbolism aesthetic with the line work and storytelling of nineteenth century book illustration, M. de Vena weaves allegories from personal and current social climates that will continuously delve into the spiritual, emotional, and psychological sides of love and loss, life and death.



Aunia Kahn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur. She is a globally awarded, collected and exhibited figurative artist/photographer, published author, curator, graphic/web designer (Auxilium Haus Design), avid tarot reader/designer (view decks), spiritual and creative teacher as well as an inspirational speaker.

Her work has been presented in over 300+ exhibitions as well as over 10 countries; at places such as iMOCA, St. Louis Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Mitchell Museum, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and San Diego Art Institute. She has also been featured on podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire which has 70 million downloads & 1 million monthly listens.

Aunia has curated several exhibitions/book projects including the Moon Goddess (Modern Eden Gallery) exhibit, Tarot Under Oath (Last Rites Gallery), Lowbrow Tarot Project (La Luz De Jesus Gallery), etc. Her other projects include the Silver Era Tarot, Inspirations for Survivors, Obvious Remote Chaos, Minding the Sea: Inviting the Muses Over for Tea, Avalanche of White Reason, XIII: The Art of Aunia Kahn, Witch’s Oracle (Illustrator, Author: Marla Brooks) and the Witch’s Oracle 2nd Edition (Illustrator, Author: Marla Brooks). Her forthcoming projects include; An Epidemic of Retrospective, Disintegrating Stars and the Ethereal Realms Tarot.

She also hosts the Think & Destroy and the Create & Inspire Podcasts. She loves animals, Prussian blue, tarot, miracles, crystals, nature, hummingbirds, and Jeeps.